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Пон-пятн 9.00 -18.00

Native English Teacher Part-Time in Vienna Ref. PTEREI007


We are looking for a native English teacher to work with a Boy, aged 7, living in central Vienna. The boy has started learning English recently. He goes to English and Russian schools in Vienna. The classes must be active and fun with a lot of games and interactive communication. Your responsibilities will be related to teaching all aspects of the English language – reading, writing, grammar, speaking – through games and activities appropriate for this age. We are looking for a native English female, experienced, sociable and enthusiastic person with teaching qualifications. The schedule is Saturday and Sunday, 4-5 hours a day. The salary is from 50 euro per hour negotiable.




Develop speaking and comprehension skills

Produce language oriented activities

Teach English Interactive approach, learn through play



Schedule is 4-5 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday

Salary is from 50 euro per hour negotiable

Location: central Vienna



Native English speaker

Teaching qualifications

Previous experience in a similar role

Creative, positive, active person

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